“design” is defined as :
1. To conceive or fashion in the mind; invent
2. To formulate a plan for; devise:
3. To plan out in systematic, usually graphic form
4. To create or contrive for a particular purpose or effect.
5. To have as a goal or purpose; intend.
6. To create or execute in an artistic or highly skilled manner

This definition encompasses all that Multilite envisions for lighting projects. We pride ourselves in being able to devise a plan or workable solution that will meet the client’s objectives both practically and aesthetically. As such we are able to work with designers, engineers, contractors and clients to achieve the best solution for all



“specification” is defined as:
1.The act of specifying :
a.  A detailed, exact statement of particulars, especially a statement prescribing materials, dimensions, and quality of work for something to be built, installed, or manufactured.
b. A single item or article that has been specified.
c. An exact written description of an invention by an applicant for a patent.

With our extensive technical knowledge of all lighting products we are specifically equipped to outline the exact details of any chosen product as well as any intricacies or legislative requirements involved with the installation or maintenance of such the product. As such, the exact standards can be upheld consistently regardless of any changes in suppliers or contractors.



“supply” is defined as:
1. To make available for use; provide.
2. To furnish or equip with.
3. To fill sufficiently; satisfy
4. To make up for (a deficiency, for example); compensate for.
5. To serve temporarily as a substitute in (a church, for example).

Once a solution has been found to meet the client’s requirements we can provide the products promptly and within agreed upon time-frames. All products are carefully packaged and arrangements can be made to deliver, courier or collect, whichever of the options best meet the client’s time frames.



“support” is defined as, inter alia,:

To provide for or maintain, by supplying with necessities.

After-sales service and back-up support is key to a successful project. At Multilite we consider all our projects as ongoing appointments and are thus readily available to assist with problem solving and/or enhancements.